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Shalimar Thomas, KLN ’08, a true Temple Made leader, exemplifies the power of education, passion and community engagement in driving meaningful change. Through her tireless efforts as executive director, North Broad Renaissance continues to thrive as a symbol of progress in Philadelphia’s vibrant landscape. The annual weeklong event was all about Owls uniting and showing their pride in what it means to be #TempleMade. John (Jack) Livingstone's, FOX ’49, journey is a testament to the transformative power of education and the indelible mark one can leave on their community. A proud alum, Jack’s generous philanthropic support of Temple through the Livingstone Undergraduate Research Award, his lifelong dedication to knowledge accessibility and his novel approach to fostering library engagement have helped shape the educational journeys of many students and enriched the cultural fabric of Monmouth County and beyond. After nearly two decades of not only working with some of the biggest names and brands in fashion and entertainment, but also starting his very own clothing empire, James “Jimmy” Gorecki, KLN ’06, has now found himself back where it all started—and he couldn’t be happier. At Temple University, the legacy of Joshua Winheld, KLN ’00, CLA ’10, lives on as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for other Owls facing physical obstacles. Through the Winheld-Newcombe Scholarship established by Joshua’s aunt and uncle, Steven Goldstein, CLA ’76, and Sue Gordon, his story becomes a symbol of hope and opportunity for those who dare to dream despite adversity. Inspired by the scholarship that helped make his own education possible, Christopher Alwine, FOX ’90, has made it his mission to repay the generosity he benefited from more than 35 years ago. The pathbreaking gift from Debbie and Stanley Lefkowitz, CST ’65, will endow the athletic director position. With the Debbie and Stanley Lefkowitz ’65 Director of Athletics position, Temple is now one of only nine public Division I institutions to have an endowed athletic director position. Celebrate Women's History Month with a collection of stories about our exceptionally talented alumnae from our news center, Temple Beyond. Discover the Temple Women's Network (TWN) and its impactful mission, offering alumnae opportunities to connect, learn, grow and uphold Temple's legacy of excellence and service. Sabriaya Shipley, TFM ’18, has only been out of Temple for a little over five years, but her resume is nothing short of extraordinary. With a palpable passion for arts, the theater and connecting with her community, she shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Just in time for Valentine's Day, meet Ksenia and Michael Power, whose love story began as a chance encounter right here at Temple in 2016. If you're looking for proof to always try new things, look no further than Ashley Carter, CPH ’07. From entering Temple as a biology major who didn't like working out, to now, owning her own health and fitness business, she's the embodiment of why it's worth being open-minded to fresh opportunities. Celebrate Black History Month with a collection of stories about our outstanding black alumni and donors. The Temple University Black Alumni Alliance is an alumni organization that is all about giving back and working together to move forward while having fun. Here’s everything you need to know to join the force. A Temple alumna’s entrepreneurship journey in a sustainable fashion that celebrates South Asian culture while making a lasting impact on the fashion industry and beyond. Her next stop? Designing for a contestant in Miss World in 2024. Relive all the best moments of 2023 with our recap of stories from our alumni and donor news center, Temple Beyond. Check out a few of the alumni working in the creative space below who are taking their careers to new heights. Check out all of the #TempleMade grads who won in this years Pennsylvania elections. In a world where higher education is increasingly globalized, fostering diversity and expanding access to transformative study-abroad experiences is a priority. It’s a dream for many students, yet financial barriers may hinder this becoming a reality. During the pandemic, a symbol of hope and commitment emerged for some Temple students: the Access to Temple Rome Scholarship. The Edgar Ortenberg Bowed String Instrument Scholarship Fund honors the life and legacy of renowned violinist and former Temple faculty member, Edgar Ortenberg. Whether it’s with a work of horror, science fiction, mystery or other speculative fiction these genre-bending Owl storytellers will satisfy your thirst for a thrill. In October, the Temple University community came together to showcase the charitable impact of the university's most dedicated and visionary donors. Pioneering the path towards a diverse teacher pipeline, The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) is delighted to declare the acquisition of a substantial $1.4 million grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. At just 26 years old, Carli Showmaker, KLN ’19, already has her own video production company, crediting the skills she sharpened during her four years at Temple. And she’s not slowing down any time soon. As Shaun Bradley, EDU ’19, has risen through the ranks from becoming a Temple Owl to a Philadelphia Eagle, he has truly exemplified what it means to be #TempleMade. From time management skills to lighter course loads, everyone has one thing that they wish they had to help them through college. For some, even paying for school can be the hardest part of pursuing higher education. Check out all of the alumni-owned businesses that are participating in this year's festivities, happening October 2-8! Journeying from China to Philadelphia to study at Temple nearly 10 years ago, Ellen Zhang, TYL ’17, now gets to showcase the pride she has in her heritage as arts and culture manager at the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival. Tyler School of Art and Architecture's Art Market is back once again as a part of this year's Homecoming & Family Weekend programming. Here are some of the artists you’ll see at this year's event! This 30-minute webinar will help you build a plan for your job search and show you how to leverage your TPN resources to show why being Temple Made makes you the strongest candidate. And find out all about the additional alumni benefits you have access to now that you’re a Temple grad. Jordan Spector (CPH ’15) always had two passions: sports and art. Making Temple's football team was a dream come true, but an injury cut his time short. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, leading him to pivot back to the world of art creation. Temple celebrates alumni-owned breweries ahead of Homecoming and Family Weekend’s Crafts & Drafts. Matt Bouton, FOX '09, joined Halo Top, the light ice cream company co-founded by his brother Doug in 2017. In 2019, the company was sold and Matt became part of the team at Halo Top International and Gatsby Chocolate. He is now the chief financial officer for Japonesque, a beauty and personal care company based in San Ramon, Calif. Kevin McAlpin, KLN ’04, is not only living proof that sometimes it’s “all about who you know”, but that classic saying also has a requisite of hard work and determination. With that Temple tenacity and a move down south, Kevin has built a storied career in the sports radio world. Eric Schroeckenthaler, Fox ’20, the co-founder of Qunify, takes us through creating an inclusive community organization that aims to build LGBTQ+ spaces beyond just the bar scene and dream bigger together. Catherine Morris, STH ’08, had a passion for event management before she even knew what it was called. When she created the non-profit Boston, Art, Music and Soul Festival (BAMS), she created more than just a festival; it was a cultural movement. The year 2008 was a transformative—and consequential—one for Angela Giampolo, LAW ’08. She graduated from Temple in January, and by summer, a chance encounter with friends led her to start her own law firm, and shape what her true calling would ultimately become. TES 2023 scholars are not only academically driven, but they also exhibit a huge passion for collective change. In 2023, Genevive "Gigi" Walker (CLA '97) reunited with a former high school friend to start a podcast that not only brought them closer together, but gave her an outlet to converse and listen, using all the knowledge and skills she had gained since graduation. All while she started her own business at the same time. With the help of friends, the alumni community and his own determination, Reggie Becton, KLN ’15, took a big risk – and chased his music dreams. Check out TPN’s new initiative to celebrate the good career news our alumni have to share! With a positive spirit and an unexpected return to the nest along the way, Erin Dwyer, CLA ‘16, ‘22, now finds herself in a role that she’s always imagined. Are you ready for a complete career change? Beyond just a new job, are you looking to transition into an entirely new industry? This webinar will help you learn what it takes to shift into a new career. You’ll hear from Temple alumni who’ve made career transitions on their expert strategies for success. What do you really need to highlight on your resume? And how do you clearly explain all your skills and experience in a job interview? Join this webinar to learn how to leverage two key systems, Jobscan and Big Interview, brought to you by the Temple Professional Network and the University Career Center. What do you really need to highlight on your resume? And how do you clearly explain all your skills and experience in a job interview? Join this webinar to learn how to leverage two key systems, Jobscan and Big Interview, brought to you by the Temple Professional Network and the University Career Center. How do you find the right networking contacts for your job search? How do you get them to respond, and what should you ask when you speak with them? Join this webinar to learn how to identify the right networking contacts for your job search, what to say when you reach out and how to strategize for informational interviews. This 30-minute session will show you how to couple LinkedIn with Temple’s own exclusive networking platform Owl Network, brought to you by the Temple Professional Network. What do you really need to highlight on your resume? And how do you clearly explain all your skills and experience in a job interview? Join this webinar to learn how to leverage two key systems, Jobscan and Big Interview, brought to you by the Temple Professional Network and the University Career Center. Job searching can be an overwhelming process. What are the most effective activities? How do you stay organized and on track so that you reach your career goals? Join this webinar to learn how to access thousands of job postings aggregated into one place (so you never have to hop from job board to job board); how to research your target companies; identify networking contacts (and their email addresses); and store all your application documents in one organized place. This 30-minute session will show you how to leverage Temple’s exclusive job search organization platform Career Shift, brought to you by the Temple Professional Network. Antonio Romero (EDU ‘10) always had a passion for teaching people, whether it be in a classroom setting or just in his local neighborhood. With tenacity and humility, he’s been able to not only turn his passion into a career and beyond, but help evoke the change he wants to see – from the ground up. Temple Alumni featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. The grant will help spread the benefits of learning through play by making real, systemic change to educational policies and institutions. Podcasts from the Boldest and Brightest Owls. Temple alumna and Harlem Globetrotter, Fatima “TNT” Maddox-Lister, KLN ’07, balances basketball and giving back. A night of donor appreciation and life-changing impact displays the role of scholarships towards Temple's mission of boundless access to education. $875,000 Three-Year Grant Allows for the Expansion of Temple Education Scholars. As one of the disproportionately small number of women of color in leadership, Rashonda Harris, FOX ’12, ’16, stood out like a purple sheep. She has since given the phrase a special meaning and used her business, Purple Sheep Consulting, to champion DEI in collaboration with global organizations. A look into Stella the Owl’s life as an educational animal and beloved temple mascot Nearly 20 years ago as a Temple undergrad, Hector Nunez, KLN ’05, had dreams of creating an online community that could highlight all of Philadelphia’s vibrant culture. With persistence, humility and the help of a fellow Owl, Jay Vereen, KLN ’09, he’s been able to create one of the most recognizable social media brands in the city. Temple’s School of Social Work will open an autism lab thanks to Christopher M. Barnett, CLA ’10, CEO of ABA Centers of America. A Temple twist on Vogue's 73 Questions interview. The FOX '18 grad has multiple Grammy nominations and his own recording studio in North Philadelphia - and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Aamira Garba, FOX ’07, found purpose and passion by ignoring the “box checker” lifestyle, investing in herself and encouraging others to do the same. Check out our conversation with Ben Thomas As a mother of three children and owner of three businesses, Felicia Harris-Williams, EDU ’17, is the ultimate mompreneur. While juggling her event production company and youth mentorship nonprofit, a health scare led her to create a tea business to inspire women to take control of their wellness with natural remedies. In a new series profiling alumni media professionals, Breland Moore, KLN ’14, explains her meteoric rise through the sports broadcasting world. It dates back to her humble beginnings doing morning announcements in middle school and runs right through her time at Temple. She considers her experience at the university a crucial aspect of her current success as a sports broadcaster at FOX 29. Twelve years ago, LaToya Stroman, KLN ’12, found herself face to face with a Temple University admissions officer, making a promise that would guide the rest of her life. Temple's School of Social Work will open an Autism Lab thanks to Christopher M. Barnett, CLA '10, CEO of ABA Centers of America Edward Buthusiem, CLA '82, establishes a highly selective College of Liberal Arts faculty research award of $50,000. Richie Sklar and Erica Woods hold very different positions at Eastern State Penitentiary, but they share a palpable passion for helping to spread the word on what the facility represents. From educating the public on the criminal justice system, to coordinating a yearly haunted attraction, they both bring a #TempleMade mindset to an iconic Philadelphia institution. 2022 Temple 30 under 30 winner CherRaye Glenn-Flowers, FOX ’15, has worn a lot of hats in the business, tech and sales industries, but her idea for Brownce, a haircare app, stemmed from a passion for empowering the Black and Brown community, her firsthand understanding of a barrier in the beauty industry and the skills she learned while attending Temple University that have helped her create a solution. Selected works from Philadelphia’s Vibrant Public Art by Temple Graduates Kate Sisk, FOX '12, started Hidden Intimates in 2019, combining her passion for fashion with a commitment to self-love. Twins Maya and Kala Johnstone always had a love for food. But it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic, when they retired after working in the educational field for two decades, that they decided to make a full-blown living from it. With plenty of help from both their real and Temple alumni family, they prove it’s never too late to turn that passion into a dream career. Looking for something to read by a fellow Owl? Whether you’re more into history, poetry, self-help, memoirs, thrillers or even something for the kids, we’ve got some great works by alumni of Temple University for you to check out below. Owner of Lokal Artisan Foods and French Toast Bites, Charisse McGill has made headlines as the first Black woman to own and operate a business in Spruce Street Harbor Park, as well as the first Black woman to create her own beer in Pennsylvania, and so much more. As she prepares to participate in Homecoming and Family Weekend as a vendor for the third time, here’s a look back at how it all began and why she chooses to stay close to the Temple community. Temple celebrates alumni-owned breweries ahead of Homecoming and Family Weekend’s Crafts & Drafts. Saleem “Taaj” Sabree and Melvin Powell met as roommates at Temple University 13 years ago. Despite being total strangers, they instantly formed a bond that led not just to a friendship but a full-blown business partnership. Most importantly, that partnership was based on a mutual goal of creating a more inclusive space in and for the Philadelphia community. They attribute much of their success to that “Temple spirit.” Phil Stoltzfus (FOX ’04) never planned on getting into the firewood business — especially in an urban city like Philadelphia. However, a unique opportunity and some scrappy entrepreneurial spirit led this alumnus to create a new business, with a little help from his childhood upbringing in Lancaster County. Brooklyn, with the population of a large city, has a large and growing LGBTQI+ community and for a long time many of them found themselves traveling into Manhattan for wellness services and community interaction. After 10 years with one center, Rumohr, now CEO, has now opened a second location in Crown Heights. The Temple Rome Study Abroad Program offers a dynamic, life-changing experience for all ages to immerse themselves in Italian arts, culture and language in the country’s capital; here’s why you should enroll next semester, according to three recent participants.